Anabolic androgenic steroid

Analogues of "Masteron" steroid

In the world, there are a huge number of "Masteron" analogue drug, for example:

  • Primobol
  • Oxandrolone
  • Primover
  • Primaged
  • Masteron Forte
  • Halotestin

From all the analogs of this drug listed above, "Masteron forte” is considered the most effective. The substance, which is included in its composition, has the "Drostanolone" name. The drug is produced in Romania under the auspices of the «Restek Laboratories» company. "Masteron Forte" in their chemical composition refers to serious anabolic and somewhat androgenic steroids. This form, nowadays become widespread and as capsules and tablets. The drug is positively characterized the athletes, which makes it very popular in these circles.

The main advantage over other analogues, is its effect on muscle tissue and other organs when ingested – "Masteron forte" is not converted into estrogen. Unfortunately, it so happened that on the world market sales of this drug are limited, and it is almost impossible to buy the drug. There is a huge amount of counterfeit product, so you should be careful when buying the drug in so- called gray dealers, because you can run into something that will have unpredictable effect on your health. Acquire anabolic only from official dealers.

The preparation has such properties as:

Diuretic effect. This allows the body to eliminate excessive water and maintain liquid balance. Thus, because the drug is rapidly flushes the water from the body of the athlete, burning fat by 5-7%, you can quickly gain lean muscle weight as well as give the body a nice relief.

Increased security performance, enabling the athlete to work with heavy weights.

Maintaining the current body weight after a cycle of stronger steroids that allows runners and athletes to stay in their weight class. It is very important for an athlete in the cycle of resistance training, or vice versa, during a forced break in the sport.

Most importantly, do not abuse the drug, as the likely risk of side effects. The most common ones are:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Prostate problems
  • Aggressiveness

The researched AAS has another common analogue – "Halotestin", second name "Stenox". Country of origin of the steroid - Mexico. For the first time, "Stenox" appeared on the world market in the distant 1957. Its chemical composition includes a substance called "Fluoxymesterone". When using the drug as an anabolic stimulator, the effect given is a relatively low, distant from the expectations. This occurs due to the characteristics of the chemical composition of the steroid. Soon, athletes find it useful as a soft steroid and, largely, as a psychotropic drug to larger increase in power. Typically, it should be administered before the start of training to prepare for the competitions. The drug gained most popularity among power-lifters; they take the gear to remain in his weight class.

It should be heighted that the analogue has low aromatase exposure; referring to the fat burning properties, it has the same effect as "Masteron". It gives the muscles firmness and relief. The daily dose is 20 mg. During the reception, coaches and medics recommend carbohydrate-free diet in order to get the maximum effect from the gear. Bodybuilders, typically taking the drug in an amount of 30 mg. per day, due to the fact that, as it is a very mild anabolic. Heavy sports athletes take it up to 40 mg. day, sometimes even more. Due to the specific composition of the medicine, increase in dosages leads to the a big load and hazard to the liver.

Administration schemes

Drostanolone Propionate is the primary active ingredient of the drugs issued in form of injections. However, there is another form of release of steroid tablets. Naturally, these two forms have not only different chemical formula, but also the name. Thus, the tablet form is called Masteron Enanthate"

Experience has shown that frequent use of the second drug, in tablets, manifested side effects more frequently, because of this scientists developed a special plan of use of Enanthate form. Thus, in the case of Enanthate Drostanolone during the cycle of treatment of cancer, the dosage was allowed to increase up to 400 mg. a week, this is due to the fact that oncology treatment require high dosages to defeat the illness. Soon, with the invention of more effective means of cancer treatment, the practice of use "Masteron" in such way ended.

Meanwhile, despite the contradictions the modernized form of the drug, have been widely used in bodybuilding. After the steroid treatment with Drostanolone athletes achieved very good results. For example, the use of this injectable AAS bodybuilders improved their power performance, significantly burned fat depositions, resulting in the loss of excess weight. Research of drostanolone chemical form in ampoules and tablets showed that both forms are effective, if the purpose of the cycle is the removal of excess fluid from the body and building of lean muscle mass.

Thanks to all of its properties, "Masteron" became very popular in bodybuilding. It is included in most steroid cycles of many athletes from beginners to great sports star. Molecules of drostanolone which were very similar to testosterone, what means that the injection is a rarity of its kind. To build high-quality muscle it can be administered several times a week, because its molecules rapidly enter into a synthesis with the necessary receptors and their residues are dissolved and removed from the excess fluid. In turn, removing excess fluid from the body contributes to the rapid hardening of muscles in a relatively short time.

And the schedule taking this steroid, and the mechanism of its action is very useful for any athlete. "Masteron" AAS allows you to prepare well for competitions, to remain in your weight class, and at the same time to increase your physical performance. Actually, for these properties it is highly appreciated in the big sports.

Analogs of Masteron

It should be noted, the drug could be used in combination with other anabolic medicines or solo. Before taking the drug solo or in combination with other steroids, cycle requires a consultation with a doctor. Likely to be assigned to a general examination of the body, and after that appears the schedule of prescribed doses and certain diet. All this together will help the athlete to avoid unpleasant side effects, as well as a negative reaction to anabolic itself.

It is important to consider that during reception of "Masteron" and its combination with other steroids, its dosage should be increased significantly. Some of the options become harmless at the dosages from 300 to 500 mg. per Week. These recommendations are contained not only in the instructions to the drug. According to recent statistics, this dose for men is most effective. The recommended rate of injections - every second or every third day.

It must be remembered that the substance, which is part of the drug acts in the body for three days, then it is simply removed from the body. So, constantly updating the number of molecules of the drug in the blood athlete avoids overdose and drug gives the opportunity to act in the most efficient manner.

For the women, taking this steroid for them is associated with the risk of various side effects:

  • Masculinization
  • Male-type hair growth
  • Lowering the voice tone

For this reason, women are recommended to take the drug in tablet form in an amount of not more than 25-50 mg. per day, and as for the drug in capsules, injections should be done no more frequently than once every 3 days.

In addition, the more experienced bodybuilders recommend beginners not to increase the dose, unless the case if the athlete used the steroids before, because the body's experience in this area is very, very important. For example, a cycle of steroids usually divided into 6-10 weeks and the longest cycle with the use of "Masteron" lasted 8-12 weeks. The drug doesn’t aromatize, which makes it unique, so while taking "Masteron" you can be calm about what you will need to undergo further after-treatment and rehabilitation therapy.

By itself "Masteron" has anti-estrogenic properties, so it can be combined with more powerful drugs. Most often, the list includes "Stanozolon", "Primabolan" and "Testosterone". These steroids are already well proven in the sports world. "Winstrol" has the most popularity in sports. Thanks to its formula and basic chemical action, the use of "Winstrol" affects the amount of incremental muscles and makes the workout more effective. Combining "Winstrol" in tablets and drostanolone propionate is necessary to leave the dose of the last steroid as is, but "Winstrol" should be used starting with 10 mg up to 30-40 mg. per day for one week.

Thus, we can achieve the expected results in muscle gaining and building of high quality muscle relief. As for the shortcomings of this combination, it is only one - is to increase the appetite, which is not very good, because during training and the cycle it is necessary also to comply with the diet. It should be noted that compliance with the diet is very important for athletes of all weight categories.

The combination of "Masteron" with "Oxandrolone" gives athletes good results in drying, so it is possible to achieve a clear muscle relief. Once an athlete boosted muscles, it can keep it combines "Masteron" with "Testosterone". On the one hand, the combination knocks hormonal balance and helps to keep the other current body weight. If an athlete decided on this combination, he should go through the recovery cycle with "Gonadotropin".

The recommended version of dosage of "Masteron" is 400-500 mg. per Week.