Anabolic androgenic steroid

The influence of the "Masteron" on the body of an athlete

For correct use of the drug "Masteron" it is necessary to read the instructions and comply with the dosage. Before taking this medication, you need to undergo a full examination of the body, but still good to know the properties of the chemical composition. Before starting a cycle of training with the AAS, you need to get a medical advice.

There are quite a few cases where the athletes began taking the drug on their own without consultation. One athlete was all right only at the beginning a cycle, but a few weeks later he received a full set of side effects, which generally could be avoided. Therefore, you should immediately know whether the body in general takes steroids. The first reaction can be observed in 3-4 days, if all goes well, we can continue to continue training cycle with the anabolic drug.

In order to avoid the negative influence of the drug on the human body the most optimal recommended dosage of "Masteron" injections, which is equal to 400-500 mg. Take a recommended dosage for one week. Many people think that if you exceed the dosage, it is possible to achieve good results, what is wrong.

Please remember that the drug has a very good quality, it is an excellent diuretic. With it, the body eliminates excessive water, allowing the athlete to train more effectively and get the most out of training:

  • Good body relief
  • Hardness and elasticity of the muscles

Taking large doses of the drug, an athlete will only aggravate his current condition. To avoid cases where bodybuilders are not able to gain weight, you must strictly adhere to the instructions for use of the drug. For greater effect, athlete can combine "Masteron" with other anabolics, in fact this will help get the most out of training.

It should be noted, that the successful cycle is necessary to carefully examine which drugs can be combined with "Masteron" to comply with the scheme of combined steroid cycle. Athletes should appeal to the advices of experienced bodybuilders who are already taking this steroid, however one should not forget that each has its own feature of an organism.

"Masteron" combines well with such steroids as:

  • "Winstrol"
  • "Oksadrolon"
  • "Globulin"

These combinations were selected by experienced trainers and bodybuilders by trial and error method to achieve maximum effect and minimum risk for health. In order to gain muscle mass the gear combines with "testosterone", but it suppresses the production of the endogenous hormone in the body, so the long-term use of such a combination will require a post-cycle therapy with "gonadotropin".

Whether or not to look for a replacement for "Masteron"?

As a rule, all bodybuilders are trying to introduce into your diet is not only healthy food and great exercise, but also certain hormones that allow actively grow in the truest sense of the word. For the young body the use of "Masteron" will be sufficient, while others believe that it is possible to achieve greater effect with other drugs.

Practice shows once again that the best results are achieved not through dieting and exercise schedule, and by taking anabolic steroids, more powerful and more efficient. "Masteron" can be replaced by almost any other anabolic steroid if the medical conditions of the drug permit this. The first in line is "Testosterone", its composition is similar to "Masteron", but unlike the latter, it could trigger a hormonal failure in the body. In addition, later you may find that the testosterone molecule long linger in the body, which can lead to the fact that the sports medical committee easily detect it in blood. In addition, after the entry into synthesis with the necessary receptors testosterone converts into estrogen. As a result, we have not only an apparent increase in the concentration of female hormones in the blood, but also some other aspects, such as:

  • Female type fat deposition
  • Breast enlargement
  • Changes in skin structure
  • Acne rash on the face

If this happens, the "Testosterone" again will have to be replaced by "Masteron", because it does not provoke these adverse reactions.

Next analogue of "Masteron" is "Trenobolon". With regard to its principle of action, it promotes the production of human growth hormone, removes body fat and helps the body to increase the muscle fiber. These properties are very usefull when an athlete is injured, for example, muscle rupture. In this case, "Trenobolon" work "with a bang!", because it easy heals the torn tissue. Dosage of "Trenobolone" is about 50 mg weekly by injections, in the form of its tablets it is 200 mg during 8-10 weeks.

However, if the athlete is heading for muscles drying, in this case, the dosage of Tren should be increased up to 300 mg. or introduce the "Masteron" into the cycle. The latter is not able to cause side effects such as "Trenobolon". Cutting is the elimination of fat depositions from the muscle tissue, so athletes briefly name this process cutting or drying. In this state, the muscles will recieve its elasticity, prominence and density. In this domain Drostanolone propionate is, in fact, cannot be compared to any one anabolic.

Another steroid that could be compared to "Masteron" by its action and quality is "Primobolan", its term action in the body lasts only five hours. Even less than that of "Masteron", but any commission will be able to find it in the blood of during five weeks after the end of the steroid cycle.

Also, as drostanolone, methenolone has its advantages, because it does not harm the liver and has no harmful effects on the kidneys. However, if at stake is the preparation for competitions and athlete is necessary to achieve a specific result, you neglect the fact that the drug can be detected in the blood is not worth it. It is much more appropriate to select "Masteron". Formula of drostanolone propionate can be also replaced by "Stanozolol". The dosage of the drug for man ranges from about 25 mg. to 50 mg. in a day. This is effective for anabolic muscle recruitment and acts very well as a psychotropic substance. Thus, it is possible to improve endurance, fighting spirit and power indicators. However, "Stanozolol" has some negative qualities. It is contraindicated in those athletes who are prone to hormonal disruptions. Thus, as a result of using this drug in men can dramatically increase the concentration of estrogen in the blood, resulting gynecomastia. In addition, this drug may adversely affect the production of testosterone in men.

Side effects of Masteron

Unlike "Stanozolol", "Masteron" does not manifest such negative properties. We can say that it is harmless. Thus, the drug don’t have any impact on hormonal balance, it also has no adverse effect in the production of thyroid hormones, what is very, very important.

If we talk about young athletes, the body men aged between 20 and 25 years old is perfectly perceives the weaker drugs, because its receptors will enter into the desired compound with steroid molecules. Thus, AAS active ingredients within a short period start to contribute to the synthesis of proteins and to the desired effect on the musculature. Even "Masteron" anabolic steroid mild can be very, very effective.

In that case, if a young athlete will try to replace the soft drug with the stronger one, his body simply will be unable to accept such a chemical effect.

Last preparation, which can replace "Masteron" is "Boldenone." This drug, in its chemical structure and composition is very similar to testosterone. We can say that it was created on its basis exactly as "Masteron" which is the main active ingredient of the structure and properties by 88% the same as the male hormone. However, in contrast to the drostanolone, "boldenone" was not intended for short but for long-term steroid cycles because he had long period of absorbance by the body. Its effectiveness in increasing muscle mass, as well as the drying process is not in doubt. Nevertheless, even with slight exceed of the dosage the drug can trigger hormonal imbalances. "Masteron" though does not affect the gain of muscle mass, but there are no equal alternatives in domain of lean muscle mass and cutting. In addition, it does not harm the health of the athlete.

The choice is always an anabolic steroid for an athlete. The desire to achieve more in a few days, sometimes justified, but such cases remain to be unknown. In the context of the above, we can conclude that it is best to keep useng "Masteron" and get results you need, because in this case it will be most effective.