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Chemical composition and history "Masteron" drug

The history of the drug began more than half a century ago. The first name in the world was given to "Drostanolone propionate" in 1959. It was developed by «Syntex». This pharmaceutical company was one of the largest pharmaceutical company on the market. Masteron anabolic steroid was developed in conjunction with such drugs as "Anadrol" and "Metildrostanolon". After some time, the most famous pharmacists of the world successfully approved the drug during testing and quality controls. Ten years later "propionate" began its way in medicine for medicinal purposes and dispensed only by prescription.

Much later, the "Lilly" company entered into an agreement with the "Syntex" about to conduct joint research of properties of Drostanolone propionate compound. So, after receiving the results of successful research company «Syntex» gives the rights of production and distribution of the drug to the partner company. The only condition for joint production and sale was to create a common brand «drolban», under which the steroid produced in the market in the US and other countries.

In Europe, the situation was somewhat different. For example, in Belgium "Masteron" could be found in pharmacies under the name «SarvaSyntex», in Portugal it was called "Cilag", in the UK and Bulgaria this anabolic gear had the name «Masterill», and in Spain, it could be seen as «Metormon ".

After "Masteron" passed tests on a great number of quality control, it allowed the use as a drug for treatment of breast cancer in women during menopause. "Masteron" made a real breakthrough in medicine, in the role of anti­oncological mean showing its medicinal properties, and then recieved a huge popularity on the international pharmaceutical market.

The handbooks in medicine offer to Masteron a very long scientific name "Drostanolone propionate." The effectiveness and uniqueness of the synthetic compounds have repeatedly shown themselves not only during the preparation for a competition of men athletes, but as an injection gear for women.

Thus, the methyl form, which is present in this compound helps to quickly and efficiently burn fat and excessive subcutaneous tissue fluid. This is one of the main reasons, why woman began to replace slimming pills with Drostanolone.

As for the dosage, the drug is commonly used within the amounts of 300 mg. a week, this dose is considered not very high for a trained and healthy body. If you take medication on a regular basis and over a long period of time, the muscle mass will gain prominence, and the muscles become very strong. Excess dosage can cause side effects, but there are recorded only three cases of their occurrence within the last 50 years.

"Drostanolone propionate" was at its peak of popularity among athletes of the last century, and it was during the 1970s and 1980s. Its chemical composition, which has a striking resemblance to testosterone, enjoyed great success as a tool that helps you not only to lose weight, but also to get the right mental attitude and increased endurance.

After creating of the "doping" concept and the prohibition of steroids, the production of Masteron stopped. The practice of therapy with the steroid as an anti­cancer drug also stopped, because of invention of better drugs in the field. The first brand vanished «Drolban», was removed from the service in the 1980s. Slowly losing its popularity anabolic «Permastrill», together with «Metormon» also left the market. Now the regular customers can only find "Masteron" – one of the last remaining forms of drostanolone. The original "Masteron" was produced in Belgium. But the Belgian drug disappeared from the market in the late 1990s. Now it is on the balance in American pharmacology.

The chemical, known to us from history "drostanolone propionate" is the main compound of Masteron. Masteron started gaining popularity among athletes once again. Because its production was ceased for a long time, the name of the drug were changed and now preparations that contain a formula "Drostanolone propionate" known under the brand names such as:

  • "Masterid" 100mg / 2ml;
  • "Master" 100 mg / 2 ml;
  • "Masteron" 100mg / 2ml;
  • "Permastril" 100 mg / 2 ml;
  • "Pharmadro"

Even despite the fact that the injections and tablets have to be purchased on the black market and used only for a few months before the competition or athlete event, so as not to get caught for doping, it is still looking and buying. The question is why there are so many athletes choosing this anabolic?

As it turned out, the answer to this question is very simple. Firstly, the steroid does not aromatize and hormonal failure does not occur at any dosage. Second, the product has anti- estrogenic properties, which does not contribute to the appearance of even minimal health risk when used. In this respect, an absolute guarantee provides a Belgian manufacturer «SarvaSyntex». In essence, "Masteron" is non­androgenic steroid and the athlete may enter the cycle without thinking about anything.

As a result, the muscles become more elastic, firm and once again will receive a very beautiful shape, what is crucial for an athlete during training and before going on stage. In other words, the drug gives a satisfying effect for a short time. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to burn most excessive fat in the body. In order to speed up the process of removing unwanted substances the special diets exist. The administration of the drug is recommended for a month before the competition.

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