Anabolic androgenic steroid

How drostalonon affects the hormonal level

Action of soft anabolic steroids are always different. Most products always have special properties; otherwise, they would not be so popular on the pharmacology market. In this article, we will focus on the formula of drostanolone propionate, which is not so often found in drugstores. This is an exceptional gear for improving athletic performance widely used in Europe and in the United States.

Therefore, famous athletes, and explorers of other sports have advice "Masteron" to increase your endurance, as well as other physical data. It should be highlighted the fact, that the use of the formula of doping agents does not affect the increase or decrease in muscle mass. In addition, "Masteron" virtually undetectable in the blood during the test on the content of doping in the blood of the athlete. Professional boxers, football players, etc. frequently use it.

We should understand why this formula is so attractive to athletes and how it changes the hormonal background of the person, and if it changes at all. Therefore, the secret of this miracle cure lies in its chemical composition. Drostanolone propionate form allows "Masteron" belong to the group of medicines do not contain aromatizing additives. The main active ingredient in the compound is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. To this molecule, a double substance Methyl connection is added. This is why we obtain a result, with almost no convertion to estradiol.

Thus, we have a gear what does not affect hormones and very popular among the athletess. Of course, many people are concerned not only about the level of estradiol in the blood, but also of other hormones. In this regard, statistics plays a positive role. Medical studies show that "Masteron" is harmless, since it has a strong anti-estrogen activity. This property does not merit a chemical experiment. Experts, who have undertaken for the creation of this tool, simply chose a very successful component of it, i.e., dihydrotestosterone. As is known, a synthetic compound capable of seriously impair the properties of the female hormones.

This means that estrogen production remains at the same level, but its effect on the body tissue is significantly reduced, to almost zero. If you are interested in exactly how it happens, the only thing that can make the estrogen molecule, it accede to specific receptors. However, this synthesis is useless, because hormones can no longer activate the receptors. Athlete should pay attention be on the fact that steroid has moderate androgenic properties. As for an anabolic effect, here on the qualitative and quantitative impact is likely psychoactive effects "Masteron". If more reason to consider that the "Masteron" does not alter the hormonal balance of the body, we can see that drostanolone propionate is a weak form of testosterone. From the original form of testosterone propionate is characterized in that it is not as pronounced effect on the number of male hormone in the blood, rather than on its concentration. Speaking about the effects of androgens, they are saved to some extent. Sometimes, you can hear the opinion of some athletes; they argue that the steroid cycle with "Masteron" something like a normal testosterone. This is because the formulation of the composition and several characteristics are similar to the male hormone.

Increasing the dose of "Masteron" you will notice that after a few shots the muscle mass will increase. When you reach a reduced dosage, only improve strength qualities. On this basis, it can be concluded that due to the mild action of drostanolone, it is quite taken as a substitute for testosterone. The latter can dramatically change the hormonal balance, but also it should be combined with some other steroids, to reduce the androgenic and anabolic side effects.

At the same time, talking about endurance and mental condition of the athlete, testosterone acts on the same principle as the drostanolone. This means that testosterone has no advantages over "Masteron". However, unlike the latter drostanolone can be consumed as a base anabolic because of its narrow specificity. If we talk about preparing for the competitions in terms of deadlines, then taking "Masteron" athletes have the ability to protect themselves from the passage of post-cycle therapy. Also, the anabolic is indispensable if the athlete needed lean muscles, after just three weeks he was able to deduce the excess fluid from the body.

This stage vividly called the "final drying", at this stage of preparation is necessary to do so to save the form and at the same time, do not get caught on doping. It therefore drastically reduce steroid dose and the injections are administered simultaneously with diet. The diet includes the elimination from the diet carbohydrate food, namely bakery products, fatty meats and confectionery products. This arrangement, in combination with regular physical activity will help to hold the final training of an athlete for a competition. Another indispensable and a final advantage "Masteron" became his property to mask the weaknesses in the figure bodybuilder, where there is usually accumulated subcutaneous fat. The process of masking is that the muscles are strikingly acquire elasticity and hardness. As a consequence, changing body shape, and the skin becomes thin and in some places the veins appear.

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Perfect appearance completes the fact that every part of the muscle tissue is separated from the other groups; this process takes place even in the gluteal muscle. Such an effect has already become a reality for all, but there is one thing that must be considered. For the full action of drostanolone should conduct a preliminary steroid therapy with the use of other, more powerful drug. Then "Masteron" will be able to display their phenomenal properties fully or can be combined to make a cycle, but after that, most likely, you will need a recovery cycle.

For a normal diet or drying muscles without anabolic effect, it is necessary to combine "Masteron" with thyroid enzymes. T3 enzyme helps to remove subcutaneous fat, but it is usually prescribed when there are compounds in the body that violate the hormonal balance. In case of "Masteron" use this approach is only an excessive precaution. For combined cycle with Drostanolone is enough to use Clenbuterol. So, given the opportunity not to lose stamina with very intensive loads, maintain graft muscles and reduce body weight by removing water and fats from the body tissues.

If we talk about cortisol level, this moderate androgen fully reduces its level in the blood. Recall that it was cortisol is a catabolic enzyme that can cause a sharp decrease in muscle mass. Typically, it is present in the body in large quantities. Another positive point in making "Masteron" associated with the schedule of its action makes itself felt during a doping test. Its active ingredients are almost impossible to detect in urine or blood. Lifetime splitting and synthesizing of drostanolone propionate form is no more than one to two weeks. Few of today's super-star of bodybuilding, and other sporting disciplines was disqualified due to the detection of forbidden "Masteron" joints in the body.

The facts speak for themselves, but in order to protect themselves and their medical records from the decisions of the Commission, it is recommended to stop taking the drug about six weeks before going on stage.

"Masteron" for young bodybuilders.

To avoid dual courses, differing in their complexity and not flexible, young athletes can take drostanolone propionate solo. Naturally, we must comply with the dosage, without this in any way. The results of this treatment are obvious:

  • Sports body structure.
  • Dry musculature
  • The lack of habituation
  • The preservation of the hormonal balance.

Most often, the athlete who had never taken steroids, may react negatively to synthetic compounds. That is why a career or just to build athletic should begin not with the use of heavy artillery and with soft drugs, which only affect muscle structure, but not the general health of the athlete.